Ads4Bucks adalah satu PORTAL PENGIKLANAN yang bakal membawa anda ke satu era baru pengiklanan online di Malaysia. Jika melalui Google Adsense anda menjana duit melalui strategi Pay Per Click, sebaliknya Ads4Bucks pula menawarkan strategi Pay Per Subscriber. Anda dapat menjana pendapatan melalui setiap subscriber yang berdaftar di bawah anda.

Begitu mudah, hanya perkenalkan portal Ads4Bucks dan jana pendapatan tambahan! Disamping itu pelbagai lagi insentive tambahan diberikan bagi menghargai usaha anda itu. Perkembangan network yang anda bina akan menjana lebih banyak trafik atau pelawat ke portal Ads4Bucks, seterusnya menambahkan duit poket anda.


Yang penting… NAK atau TAK NAK… itu saja…
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The Company

About Ads4Bucks Network Sdn Bhd

Ads4Bucks is an advertisement Portal and also an Affiliate Program that serves to provide you with advertisement facilities to promote your products and services. Our aim is to make this portal become the world most popular site in materializing buying and selling activities effectively. Through 100% online concept, we are confident that our mission will be accomplished.
The Ads4Bucks advertisement Space and tools may help you to earn a consistent residual income. You don’t have to be our registered agent in order to advertise your products and services. Anyone can place the advertisement Free of charge. We will make sure this portal gets a high traffic thus making this portal become a very successful business community.
Besides that, various activities, promotions, competitions and etc have been programmed in order to make Ads4Bucks, “The Ultimate Address”.
Future Planning:
Ads4Tv – Internet TV
Ads4Bucks HyperMarket
Ads4Bucks Network Capabilities
Ads4Bucks Network offers a variety of services to cater the challenging business needs in today’s fast paced world. This includes developing communications strategy from scratch, consultation and execution.

Ads4Bucks Corporate

    Dr. Hj Zainol Anuar bin Mohd Sharif obtained his Ph.D. in Control Engineering (specialized in Control and Robotics) and served the University of Technology (UTM) as a lecturer and an Associate Professor until 1991. He then joined a public listed company, Golden Hope Plantations Berhad, until 1995, where he gained vast exposure in international trade and corporate management. Throughout these years, he had also attended various relevant courses, such as: Financial Analysis, Project Control/Management, Manufacturing Practices, Managerial Grid Management and Marketing Management.
    Dr. Zainol was the co-founder of Sure Return Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd., first CEO and presently being the Managing Director since December, 2006. Prior to Sure Return Corporation, he had been very active in direct selling, particularly MLM and Networking, and achieved the highest level. He was very active in association and had been the President of Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA), from 2005 to 2009. By virtue of being the President of MDDA, he contributed in various committees and activities in the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs (MDTCA), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, EPU (PM’s Dept.) and other relevant agencies.
    In addition, Dr. Zainol is concern on the development and performance of Ads4Bucks Network Sdn Bhd., especially the e-commerce program known as and other related activities. His vast experiences in various fields would assist and ensure Ads4Bucks Network Sdn Bhd achieves its future projection/targets.

    Possessing a vast and challenging experience in Business and Marketing skill and network over 15 years, Ameer spectacularly specializes in corporate business planning in module creations. He served AM Bank Group as Group Management Team for number of years.
    Ameer participated various management and survival motivation seminars and courses organized by Biro Tata Negara, Outbound School (OBS) etc. Currently Ameer form as a speaker, motivator and presented numerous trainings and motivation speech for various  international corporate institutions.
    Practising a down to earth low profile attitude and high determination makes Ameer  a person of high integrity and companionable with other giant investors in this industry.
    Being an optimistic person he believes that his mission to develop Ads4Bucks as one of future networking Supermarket would be fulfilled and built a huge community as superfluous profitable side income for all individuals worldwide. His ambitions are to produce more millionaires and to share ideas with spectacular minds that prefer difference in life.