Ads4Bucks adalah satu PORTAL PENGIKLANAN yang bakal membawa anda ke satu era baru pengiklanan online di Malaysia. Jika melalui Google Adsense anda menjana duit melalui strategi Pay Per Click, sebaliknya Ads4Bucks pula menawarkan strategi Pay Per Subscriber. Anda dapat menjana pendapatan melalui setiap subscriber yang berdaftar di bawah anda.

Begitu mudah, hanya perkenalkan portal Ads4Bucks dan jana pendapatan tambahan! Disamping itu pelbagai lagi insentive tambahan diberikan bagi menghargai usaha anda itu. Perkembangan network yang anda bina akan menjana lebih banyak trafik atau pelawat ke portal Ads4Bucks, seterusnya menambahkan duit poket anda.


Yang penting… NAK atau TAK NAK… itu saja…
1 Peluang Yang Mungkin Mengubah Hidup Anda


1. Advertisement Portal -
You are free to advertise any products, services and business you have. You can advertise unlimited numbers of products provided abide by the Government’s law, rules and regulations. There are 2 advertisements categories in this portal. 
2. SMS Blaster (Bulk SMS)
We arrange the SMS Blaster for you at a minimum and an uncompetitive rate. SMS Credits are charged at a rate of USD0.03/SMS or RM0.10/SMS preferably the cheapest in the market. (For the first 150 credits every month, each sms (160 characters) will only cost 0.018BP or RM0.07)
3. Personal Blog (
Personal Blog services are prepared for our agents who purchased the Gold Bucks package. You can write your personal activities and business. “Themes” are supplied for you to enhance your blog. Storage space for our blog is 10MB. 
4. Virtual Office
Agents are permitted to browse through their business activities using the virtual office. You can check your hierarchy, group sales, e-wallet and etc.
5. E-Library
i)E-book -- 500 e-books about Business plan ( Business Programming plan ) as reference/guidance to start you own Business.
ii)Ads4Bucks Ultimate Business Guide – 1,300 templates in Words file and “Fill in the blanks” format regarding Resolution Institution documentaries, Finance, Paper work, Business Programming Plan, Checklist and many more to guide you in business field.

6. Audio And Video Streaming
We installed special soundtracks and videos that are relaxing, motivating and inspiring. These audio and video are not downloadable. 
7. Ads4Bucks Bio-Energy Card (Free Gift) 
Ads4Bucks Bio-Energy Cards will be presented as a FREE gift when you purchase our Main product package. Nevertheless Bio-Energy Card consists of a high capacity value for body healing and health if practiced daily. ( you can read the Agents Testimony available below)

What is Ads4Bucks Bio-Energy card ?
This card consists of Far Infrared Ray (FIR) technology installed in a unique bio ceramic powder. It has been created such to enable healing all health aspects pertaining appropriate human blood circulations.

What are the benefits of Ads4Bucks Bio-Energy Card ?
a) Improve the Micro-Blood Circulation
b) Relieve the Stress & Fatigue
c) Improve Vitality
d) Effective in Killing Bacteria
e) Effective in Energizing Drinking Water Molecules
f) Activate Water Molecules in Our Body
g) Eliminate Minor Odor
h) Maintain Freshness of the Food Stored in the Refrigerator
i) Lighten Migraine, Back Pain and Body Arthritis
j) Maintain Excellent Growth for Plants.

How to use Ads4bucks Bio-Energy Card on our body ?
Sticking is not necessary. Just store in your pocket or as for ladies just Slip in your bra.

Why Bio-Energy Card is not flexible ?
The card was designed for the convenience of the consumers with high effect. It’s scientifically proven as instant remedy to the consumer. Quality wise it’s competitively good as the energy pendant, bracelet and the magnetic chain found in the market. Ads4bucks are proud to present the Bio-Energy Card for free to our agents, mainly because we believe that health are more valuable than your wealth. 
Does Ads4Bucks Bio Energy Card diminish odor ?
For sure! Minor odors like unpleasant food odor in the fridge, in the car or even body odors, Bio Energy Card will diminish them. 
Is Ads4Bucks Bio Energy Card safe for children ?
Nonetheless, this card is safe even for babies. 
What is the lifespan of this card ?
Minimum lifespan of the Bio Energy Card is 3 years.